Invited to Share in God’s Time

~ “I was a stranger and you welcomed me!” ~

Jesus teaches us so much in His many Gospel lessons, but, oftentimes, it takes the actions of those we encounter in our lives to transform us.  A few weeks ago, a group of seven members of the Aquinas Community shared in a journey to Mexico, where the families of a humble parish community welcomed us with worship, abundant food, and, with a very real language barrier, well-intentioned conversation, but even more importantly, with open doors and generous time.

As we closed the Acts of the Apostles and concluded the Easter season on Pentecost Sunday earlier this month, we are aware that we stumble on our way along the path to building up God’s Kingdom, both as individuals and as the Body of Christ.  We are called to accept God’s invitation to the friction of encounter and to trust that our openness to the other and willingness to show up allows enough space for God’s mystery to take place.

With faith in God’s providence and goodness, we are called to put into practice the call of discipleship; to venture out of the comfortable upper rooms of our lives, and allow ourselves to be welcomed into the transformative space of Christ’s love made available by the open doors and generous time of others.

– Chris Geraghty

Part of a series of reflections about a trip to Mexico in May 2017 that was coordinated by the Aquinas Center. 

Getting a tour of the parish community with Sr. Maria Zepeda, MSBT.