Meet Dr. Lan Ngo, our newest board member

 Aquinas Center board of directors is delighted to welcome our newest member, Lan Ngo, Ph.D.  Dr. Ngo was introduced to Aquinas Center through her graduate program at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.  After concluding her doctorate at Penn, she continued volunteer support at Aquinas Center around the topic of education access.  She has been in the field of education for over a decade in various roles, including as a teacher, research fellow, and the director of a university writing center.  Her research and writing on the language and literacy practices of English language learners has been published in several places, including co-authored chapters in Partnering with Immigrant Communities as well as the Journal of Early Childhood Literacy and more.  She earned a bachelor’s in economics from Stanford University, a master’s in teaching from Columbia University, and a PhD in education from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Ngo is currently a project manager in edtech at Penn, where she is also an education lecturer.