Public Charge Comment Writing Action

The current presidential administration has proposed rules that would make it much more difficult for immigrants to apply for legal status in the United States. Under these rules, the definition of “public charge” would expand, forcing immigrants to choose between legal status or public benefits that keep their families healthy, fed, and sheltered. With this proposed rule, millions of families will be hurt and separated.

Our best chance against this proposed change is to use our voice! Each one of us can make a difference by using the 60-day public comment period to voice our opinions against the proposed rules.

Take Action!

Aquinas Center Immigration Legal Services is hosting an event on Monday, November 12th from 6:30-8PM to inform the community of these proposed rules and give everyone an opportunity to voice their opinion to help us defeat the rules.

  • We’ll provide a presentation with all the information needed to understand the proposed rules and their effect on immigrant families, as well as instructions on how to submit a comment to resist them.
  • We’ll also provide the pre-stamped envelopes.
  • And, snacks!
  • Questions? Contact

Join us to learn more and help our community! Share the Facebook event to invite others.